About Us

Based in Melbourne since 2012, Made in Italy is the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for unique Italian furniture brands for Kitchens, Bathrooms and Living Systems, carefully selected for being at the leading edge of design and technology.

Production expertise has evolved over the last 50 years...

Cucine Lube has been producing kitchens for more than 70 years.

Century-old Skills

The products are manufactured in an environment renowned for it’s high standards and expertise in craftsmanship, manufacture & export.

Century-old skills in traditional craftsmanship are perpetuated in a region with a highly evolved manufacturing industry, including a high level of individual expertise. In an area where manufacturing is a staple of the economic system, a model has evolved so well regarded it has been studied in universities around the world due to its capacity of delivering industrial growth in harmony with the social framework. In addition, the region’s propensity for export stems from it’s close proximity to local ports, where trade flows efficiently to and from the rest of the world.

Affordable Quality

Manufacturing in production facilities which house advanced technologies to enable efficient production processes, enables economies of scale to be passed on to customers, which is how competitively priced and superior quality solutions for every budgetary and aesthetic requirement are met.

A Huge Range

The diverse range of finishes, in Veneer, Lacquer, Cement & Mortar, Laminate, Fenix NTM, Glass, Acrylic, Acrylic Glass, Polymeric, Aluminium & Solid Wood are coupled with superior quality carcasses (produced to high European standards), and equipped with BLUM hinging and accessories.

The living systems (storage/media/entertainment units) are designed to enable aesthetic continuity and functionality throughout the home.  For each different style of kitchen there are matching units for media / storage for the living area.

Respect for the Environment

Solar powered factory reaching a production level which exceeds 300 kitchens per day

Solar powered factory reaching a production level which exceeds 300 kitchens per day

All our products are manufactured with adherence to the world’s highest environmental standards. Solar powered production facilities, utilisation of recycled materials, adherence to the highest of world standards for emissions (the Japanese 4 star) and planting trees to overcompensate for emissions relating to transport, are testimony to the high level of respect and consciousness we have for our environment.

A complimentary design service 

At Made In Italy, we connect our customers with these leading products via a complimentary, interactive and specialised design service tailored to customers needs and with careful consideration of each element, including quality, affordability, ergonomics & aesthetics.

Designs are prepared with a collaborative approach, where with the designer and the customer’s input, a unique and tailor made solution is devised and the optimum result is found.

We strive to accommodate the unique requirements of all our customers, to achieve the optimum result and provide the ultimate kitchen living experience, to enhance the home now and for years to come.


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