In collaboration with Mondo Stone & Glassworks, Granite and Marble Stone, Benchtops/Splashbacks, Glass or Mirror for bathrooms or your display wall are provided with exceptional quality and customer satisfaction at competitive prices for domestic and commercial projects. Without compromising quality and service, the team will do everything to meet customer expectations. The team has over ten years experience in Manufacturing and Installations and provide 24 months warranty for manufacturing and installation from any of the Ambassador Stone range. We back great quality.


Mondo Stone and Glassworks have some of the best and experienced stonemasons in Melbourne.  They are experts in the art of stonemasonry and can produce beautiful yet functional products that meet the individualistic requirements of clients. They are professionals and are able to work with various types of stones like marble, quartz, granite and much more. They craft each and every product with precision and care to ensure clients gets only the best and nothing less.



Fenix NTM

Fenix NTM H2-4 laminate worktop created through simultaneous application of heat and high pressure.  Fenix is a smart material – smooth and non-porous, high-density, fingerprint-proof and renewable.


Stainless Steel and Glass

H4 Benchtop with under top aluminium edge – non-porous, resistant to twisting, deterioration and a decline in appearance over time.

Aluminium and glass bench top.