Elevate Your Home with Exquisite Craftsmanship and Authentic Italian Design

The rich Italian classics in art, music, literature, crafts and cuisine still lead the world in terms of beauty, quality and overall aesthetic value. Today, Cucine Lube Classic Traditional Italian kitchen designs still prevail as the most fashionable and functional for home kitchen interiors.

Stunning natural wood kitchen cabinets with handsome solid wood, lacquered or glass-pane inset doors can decorate your Italian-style kitchen with pure classic elegance. Delicately carved ornamentation may add charming accents to cabinet designs. Simple or ornate iron, chrome or timber handles can embellish the overall room decor.

If you prefer, you can customise your traditional Italian home kitchen with modern touches by adding a wall of floor-to-ceiling slim-line built-in cabinets and shelving. These sophisticated console cabinets can also house your built-in range or refrigerator.

Classic Elements of Traditional Italian Home Kitchen Designs

Highly appealing classic elements of traditional Italian kitchen designs for your home include the following:

• Exquisite Marble. Italian marbles are classic elements of utmost beauty and majestic style for your Italian-style home kitchen. Your lustrous marble countertops will display an exquisite array of dynamic and subtle hues and tonalities.

They will highlight the entire room interior with glamorous allure. These elegant marble slabs may have origins in the same mountain stone formations from which the grand-maestro artists Michelangelo and Da Vinci sculpted masterpieces.

• Superb Wood. Whether your new cabinetry for your Italian-style kitchen is crafted from oak, ash, pine, walnut or another beautiful species of wood, it will glow with lovely surface hues and shades.

Expertly handcrafted and lightly finished or polished, your cabinets will display pure elegance of design. Their classic forms can be embellished with either ornate traditional or streamlined modern decorative features. Hardwood flooring of similar or contrasting timber can also add stunning charm and a warm, inviting atmosphere to the room.

• Warm and Vibrant Colours. Italian kitchen interiors are known for their warm earth colours and vibrant sky and water shades. Burnt umber and sand-coloured wood tones in a kitchen table, chairs or cabinetry may be accented by lovely sky-blue pottery or sea-green splashback tiling designs.

Chrome yellow is also a kitchen colour favourite, as are warm tangerine and amber. Some classic-style Italian kitchens also have painted ceilings in light sky-blue decorated with fluffy white cumulus clouds.

When you speak with our professionals at Made in Italy Kitchens located in South Melbourne, Victoria, you will benefit from top-rated information concerning designs for producing your uniquely beautiful Italian-style classic kitchen. Our superior team will offer suggestions for styling your elegant new kitchen interior.

They will assist you in choosing a unique combination of materials, designs, colours and textures to produce a highly fashionable and usable kitchen interior. Our team will help make sure that your new Cucine Lube Classic Traditional Italian kitchen is truly the ultimate kitchen design of your dreams.