Explore Modern and Classic Cucine Lube Kitchen Designs

Italian style kitchens are warm and fashionable yet well-designed and practical. Whether your preference is Modern, Classic or BorgoAntico design, you will enjoy the luxury of cooking and preparing meals in a carefully organised, stylish, inviting and comfortable space. The combination of beautiful natural woods, natural marble and pure granite as well as pristine quartz adds elegance and charm to these kitchen interiors.

Even the most contemporary kitchen decor includes woven baskets, handcrafted wooden furnishings and natural plants or flowers. Classical, modern or contemporary artwork is also often seen on kitchen walls or in adjoining dining rooms and other eating areas. Wooden surfaces are typically finely finished or natural and unfinished, and cabinet hardware in brass, chrome or wrought iron often displays intricate designs.

Cucine Lube Modern or Classic Kitchen: Make Your Own Elegant Choice

When selecting your favourite design among modern or classic Italian kitchen designs and decor, be sure to consider the following choices:

• Modern. Some of the most beautiful modern Italian-style kitchens are either designed with light-coloured appliances and furnishings against darker background walls and flooring or dark furnishings set off by light background effects. Lustrous yet soft whites, creams, pale greys and shades of cocoa mingle with deep charcoal, chocolate and black.

Sleek modern-minimalist and contemporary-chic appliances, counters and benchtops, island designs, cabinetry and shelving offer the essence of sophisticated yet natural luxury. Climbing green plants and streamlined pottery or glassware line slender open shelving on smoothly plastered or tiled walls. Touches of bright colours may sparkle and glow from splashback tiles or simplistic mosaic decoration.

• Classic. Italian classic kitchen interiors often display floor-to-ceiling cabinetry in smooth natural finishes or painted in pleasing neutral tones. Cabinet doors typically have clear glass insets and polished or antique brass or chrome hardware. Wall-mounted cabinetry frequently features arched doors, and cabinets are often topped by a shelf of green or flowering plants.

Some more ornate kitchen designs also feature upper walls painted with classical figures and scenes in soft pastel shades along with wall-mounted decorative fountains in carved stone. High counter stools also painted in neutral colours may feature detailed woodcarving. Large wooden kitchen islands usually have stunning natural marble or granite countertops.

Hanging woven baskets hold an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, and iron, copper and ceramic cookery and utensils are suspended from brass or wooden wall racks. Kitchen appliances have smooth, sedate exteriors and neutral-toned finishes. Natural wood or stone tile flooring enhances the classic elegance of the room.

• BorgoAntico. This charming vintage style of decor can make you believe that your home has just been transformed into a lovely and intriguing Italian villa. Usually large and open in design, these enchanting kitchen interiors feature a wide array of natural-finish wooden wall cabinets with a combination of glass doors and open shelving.

Elaborate collections of china, dinnerware, pottery, glass vases and plants often adorn these shelves. The flooring often consists of large vintage wooden planking or large square stone tiles. The walls are textured plaster, frequently painted white, cream-coloured or in shades of light cocoa.

Stunning tall windows or glass-pane doors with arches and luxurious drapery admit pure natural sun and daylight to brighten and celebrate these beautiful kitchen interiors.

By consulting our experts at Made in Italy Kitchens serving clients throughout Melbourne and all surrounding regions, you will obtain excellent advice, designs and full building and installation services for stunning, warm and inviting Italian kitchen interiors. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to ensure that your new Italian-style kitchen completely satisfies and even surpasses all of your desires, expectations and needs for a true dream kitchen design.