Design Collection


Luxurious Finishes, State of the Art Solutions, 22 to 24 mm Doors

The Design Collection features the most luxurious finishes as an upgrade reserved to our Top End series Clover and Oltre.- Gres Mutina (Porcelain doors with textured decorations), Oak Veneered doors with unique details (antique effect or vertical metallic thread inserted in the panel), Top level Italian lacquering with astonishing look (Oxidate or Brushed Metal, Leather),Glass and Metal. Download the Design Collection catalogue! Contact our kitchen designers or browse through our website to check out the modern kitchen cabinets in Melbourne, glass splashbacks, luxury kitchen range, and so on.


Available in a thousand different shapes, from the square and minimalist to the most sinuous, rounded and eclectic lines, Clover series offers a wide selection of exclusive finishes, combined with colours and materials that evoke the beauty of nature. Clover easily matches the most discerning taste and delivers a timeless elegance.


Oltre series is distinguished by the additional storage space and by the uniqueness of its finishes, from the tactility of veneer or hand-made mortar to the super matt effect of the original FENIX NTM.