Elevate your culinary space with customized designs and exceptional craftsmanship.

Luxury designer kitchens from Made in Italy Kitchens are a seamless balance of fashion and functionality. This excellent fusion of design essentials can transform even the least attractive of kitchen interiors into every home culinary specialist’s dream. Many home chefs discover that having a stunning and practical Italian-style kitchen encourages and inspires them to achieve superb meal preparation and cooking skills.

Made in Italy Kitchens offers luxurious high-calibre kitchen designs to all of Melbourne and the surrounding regions. These innovative, unique designs and decor are fresh from Italy and ready to transform every tired, outdated kitchen into a food lover’s paradise. This inspiring company is the sole distributor of elegant Cucine Lube creations, manufactured by Italy’s most acclaimed producer of kitchen design elements.

Italian Designer Kitchens that Merge Fashion with Functionality

The glamorous yet practical designer kitchen elements from Cucine Lube featured by Made in Italy Kitchens include the following:

• Modern Kitchens. One designer kitchen among this group is the highly attractive, well-lit, inviting Georgia design. This warm yet sleek and sophisticated kitchen interior features a pair of windows on either side of a long, slender sand-coloured benchtop with a series of pristine white drawers beneath.

Rich red oak floor-to-ceiling cabinetry units on one side of the room, house a built-in range while matching wall-mounted cabinets and open shelving on the opposite side of the room lend depth and stability to this compelling kitchen layout. Across from the windows and benchtop, the matching sink surrounds and worktop with modern seating offer the ideal combination of style and practicality.

• Classic Kitchens. Among this group of elegant kitchen styles, the Veronica design offers intriguing features. The smooth, soft white drawers and cabinets beneath the cocoa-toned benchtop and kitchen island countertop display simplistic yet highly effective wainscoting. Built-in matching cabinetry on one wall surrounds a double-door oven unit, also built-in.

A pair of tall, cylindrical silver-toned canisters on a high shelf above the benchtop separate two sets of charming classic white cabinets with glass-panel door insets. The rich chocolate-hued walls and mocha-toned floor tiles lend depth and character to this classic-style, sophisticated kitchen interior. Slender rail-backed neutral chairs add casual elegance to the room.

• BorgoAntico Kitchens. The Luisa kitchen interior in this mode of design is an ideal example of the fusion of traditional and modern styles. The room layout has a definite modern touch, while the combination of traditional white cabinets and island frames with the modern natural-finish wooden doors displays a fine example of classic and modern styles fused seamlessly.

This charming kitchen design offers a unique blend of sleek and quaint sensibilities. This unusual duality is seen in the smooth, sophisticated stone countertops and the curious collection of simple cabinets, cubbies and shelving on the back wall. The pleasing tiled floor in shades of mocha and the warm beige and coca tones of the furnishings are brightened by soft light reflected from the pure white ceiling.

When you contact our experts at Made in Italy Kitchens located in South Melbourne, Victoria, you will receive excellent information about Italian kitchen designs. Our experienced team will provide you with a fascinating and thorough understanding of unique kitchen designs that fuse style and functionality seamlessly for a beautiful, fashionable, and very usable kitchen interior.