With so many different options available, the choices are endless. Each model is flexible and can be custom designed for any space.


Available in a thousand different shapes, from the square and minimalist to the most sinuous, rounded and eclectic. The selection of finishings, from tactile wood combined with colours and materials that evoke the natural beauty of nature, Clover naturally adapts to the most discerning of furnishing requirements. See more of Clover.


Oltre is distinguished by the uniqueness of it’s finishes, from the tactility of veneer and cement finishes to the super matt effect of the fenix finish. See more of Oltre.


Immagina enables boundless creative freedom, from rounded end doors, redesigned open units & numerous door opening systems. See more of Immagina.


The Essenza kitchen features linear forms, enriched by the refined tactile and visual character of wooden finishes, coupled with the numerous color varieties of the doors, brightening up the composition and creating a pleasant, unique contrast. See more of Essenza.

ADELE Project

A high-tech kitchen giving rise to a large variety of layout options, with finishes in the natural beauty of wood and light colours, Adele is a kitchen that evokes the purity of matter. See more of Adele.


A collection of kitchens which allow for maximum customisation thanks to open lacquered compartments when alternated with doors create highly original compositions. See more of Noemi.

CREO Kitchens

With a vast range of smooth or framed doors, contemporary and traditional colours and finishes, as well as a wide assortment of accessories to suit your every need, CREO Kitchens offers beauty and functionality.  With an outstanding price to quality ratio, CREO is the ultimate in affordable quality. See more of CREO.

Classic Styles

A large range of classic styles, for those who cherish tradition, with finely worked thick solid wood doors or lacquer, with decorated or simple handles. Some designs can also be interpreted with a contemporary approach.  Traditional kitchens with practical modern accessories for functionality, originality and elegance. See more of our Classic Styles.