Discover the Advantages of Fenix Super Matt Nano-Tech for Your Kitchen Renovation

211856-oltre-luxFENIX NTM is a highly matt nano tech material. It is an innovative interior design product that combines elegant aesthetic solutions with state-of-the-art technological performance. It is produced using next-generation resin. Nanotechnologies provide this new material with novel properties, opening up new avenues in the field of interior design. FENIX NTM is hygienic and easy to clean. The opaque, anti-fingerprint surface has antistatic properties, therefore it does not attract dust, and significantly reduces the bacterial load making. No specific handling is required, only a damp cloth with hot water or delicate detergents is all that is required, however general household detergents and disinfectants can be used. One of the most innovative characteristics of FENIX NTM concerns micro-scratches, which can be easily repaired any number of times simply by applying heat. Furthermore, it is possible to remove small abrasions using a melamine sponge.  The model OLTRE by CucineLube uses FENIX NTM for both horizontal and vertical surfaces. See more on YouTube Video here.