Explore the Benefits of Oltre Design Kitchen for Your Home

Oltre design kitchens exhibit dynamic lines and richness of substance and style. This unique designer collection of kitchen design elements including kitchen cabinets, decor and accents is available in myriad colour choices and materials. All featured elements and accessories complement one another, blending gracefully to produce a refined, sophisticated appearance.

Select from doors that display hand-applied mortar with a cement effect or acutely tangible wood veneer. Highly modular in design, these kitchen furnishings and accents show precision focus on detail.

Four Major Reasons to Select an Oltre Design Kitchen

Four excellent reasons to select an Oltre design kitchen include the following:

1. Modern Technology and Ageless Wood Grains. In Oltre kitchen designs, the latest advancements in technology blend seamlessly with the ageless quality of warm, compelling wood grains. The enchanting fashion and high functionality of this designer kitchen style offer lasting glamour and allure.

2. Ordinary Transformed to Extraordinary. The compact and efficient, yet highly fashionable kitchen work area is expertly designed and equipped. It offers the ultimate in complete functionality and total ease of use.

3. Contemporary Kitchen Essentials at Centre Stage. The latest modern kitchen equipment, utensils and accessories take centre stage. Items with myriad uses, shapes and sizes are coordinated to ensure a pleasing kitchen interior with heights of fashion and functionality.

4. Unique Storytelling Design Elements. Every design element and item of decor relay a story of unique and unpredictable composition. Each aspect of the total layout and essence of the kitchen is revealed in fine, elegant detail.

In addition, every component of this exceptionally stylish and highly effective kitchen interior is of vital importance to the overall usefulness, beauty and allure of the room.

Every Oltre kitchen from the Design Collection offers optimal storage space and exquisite surface finishes. The multiple touch perceptions of smooth veneer or cement and the extra-matte surface of the original FENIX NTM create a practical, stylish and compelling kitchen interior and meal preparation space.

When you consult our experts at Made in Italy Kitchens located in South Melbourne, Victoria, you will benefit from excellent information and advice about Oltre design kitchens. Our highly experienced team is prepared to work closely with you toward creating a completely new and vitalising kitchen interior and cooking experience.

Our professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal layout, materials, design elements and items of decor to produce a stunning and highly practical new kitchen interior. They will reveal the beauty and allure of combining different natural and manufactured surfaces to form a unique and inviting room.

Our fine team will show you different combinations of styles, colours, surface textures, shapes and sizes for your new kitchen furnishings. They will also introduce you to the latest blends of kitchen surface finishes, furniture designs and unique accessories to completely satisfy and even surpass all of your desires, expectations and needs.