Enhance Your Culinary Space with Exquisite Italian Style and Elegance

If you want to transform your current kitchen into an Italian luxury kitchen, this is a good time to start your update. The spring months are always filled with new intentions and creative inspiration, and there are plenty of recent innovations in home design and decor. There is an abundance of new styles in kitchen furnishings, appliances and accessories and myriad new colour choices in materials.

Four Innovative Ideas in Design and Decor to Create Your Italian Luxury Kitchen

Four stylish ideas for creating your new luxurious Italian kitchen design and decor include the following:

1. Marble or Granite Benchtop and Counters. One of the first kitchen improvements to start your Italian luxury kitchen makeover is adding a lustrous marble or granite benchtop and countertops.

Beautiful marble and granite surfaces are frequently found in traditional Italian kitchens, and they will bring long-lasting elegance and allure to your new kitchen interior. These lovely natural stone surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, and you will never grow tired of their pure natural style and stunning colouration.

2. Natural Wood Kitchen Island. Natural wood islands are popular items in Italian kitchen design and decor. Whether your choice is Victorian Ash or Red Oak wood for your island, you can easily find a stylish design in a quality kitchen furnishings store or online marketplace. You may also decide to order a customised kitchen island that is designed to complement and enhance your other room furnishings.

A skilled and experienced kitchen cabinet maker or woodworking expert can design and produce a stunning island to align with your specifications. When your new Italian-style island is completed and lightly polished to showcase the gorgeous hues of the natural wood, your entire kitchen will glow with soft, reflected light from the pure timber surfaces.

3. Hanging Herb Garden. You will find that adding a hanging herb garden to your kitchen update will lend a warm, natural and inviting ambience to the room interior. These gardens are also popular in authentic traditional Italian kitchen design. In addition, they add an element of practical convenience to your kitchen along with a natural breath of fresh air.

4. Open Wall Shelves with Fruits, Vegetables and Pottery.
By installing open wall shelving that displays fresh fruits and vegetables interspersed with attractive pottery and cooking vessels, you can enhance your traditional Italian-style kitchen even more.

The lovely colours and tonalities of the produce and pottery will decorate the room with pure natural beauty. You can also add flowers and plants to bring some additional natural, healthy elements into your luxurious new Italian kitchen interior.

When you consult our experts at Made in Italy Kitchens located in South Melbourne, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice and designs for creating your new traditional Italian luxury kitchen.

Our experienced professional team will work closely with you to include the ideal materials, furnishings and accessories to add authentic Italian style, beauty and allure to your kitchen makeover. Our team will ensure that your new Italian kitchen completely satisfies and even surpasses your desires, expectations and needs.