Maximize Efficiency and Organization with Intelligent Solutions for Your Kitchen SpaceIt’s heart of the home and one room of the house which has to do a lot.

Not only does it need to look good and function well, it needs to store everything from platters to the weekly food shop, appliances to glassware. Effective storage can turn the kitchen from good to great and play a huge role in making it function well. Designs with smart storage solutions make the best use of the kitchen space.

Pull out corner baskets help to easily access every inch of space.

Storing the microwave under the overheads rather than sitting on the bench maintains the continuity of the bench space.

When there’s no room for the dishwasher, you can always put it under the oven! There is a design solution for any space.

Reduced kicker and increased cabinet heights magically enable an extra storage space of  90mm, making a big difference over an entire kitchen.

A bench disguised as a drawer increases work space when when required.

Internal accessories to organise utensils allow a place for everything.

Under sink drawer units utilise the space surrounding the sink.

Integrated range hoods not only look seamless but allow for cabinetry to be incorporated into their surrounds.

Tall units with pocket doors create a streamline look when closed. Open doors concealed within the cabinet reveal appliances, shelves, drawers and a pull out bench.

Even the spashback can be equipped with a range of effective storage mechanisms.

There’s so much to store in our pantries!  Pull outs, sliding doors and internal drawers all allow for easy access.

Having a specialist kitchen designer design your kitchen produces benefits – not just during the process of choosing your kitchen, but for many years to come.  Our kitchen cabinet makers will guide you through the process, ensure all aspects are considered and help you make the right choice for each element of your project.  Find out more>>