Elevate Your Kitchen Design with Exquisite Craftsmanship and Personalized Cabinetry Solutions

If you have your heart set on a new Italian-style kitchen complete with customised Italian kitchen cabinetry, go to the true source. When you select the elegant beauty of natural wood handcrafted cabinets from leading artisans in Italy, you can be assured of having the new or updated kitchen of your dreams.

Italian wood-crafting experts and custom woodworking specialists have long been acclaimed for their excellent skills and luxurious designs. They can design and craft fine cabinets in virtually any stylistic mode to complement and enhance your overall kitchen design and decor. With professional artistry and expertise passed down through many eras, these professionals will set your kitchen aglow with lustrous timber cabinetry and joinery of your choice.

What to Expect from New Custom-Designed and Handcrafted Italian Kitchen Cabinets

The many fine qualities and features that you can expect your new customised and handcrafted Italian kitchen cabinets to display include the following:

• Fashionable Style. When you choose authentic Italian cabinet designs for your kitchen, you can count on receiving beautifully crafted cabinets made by highly skilled artisans. These cabinet designs are inspired by rich Italian culture and traditions.

These customised designs combine techniques from long-enduring artistry with the latest technological advancements and contemporary styles. Sleek modern wall-mounted cabinetry may have fascinating borders of intricate and ornate woodcarving.

• Beautiful Woods and Finishes. Stunning solid wood cabinet designs offer lasting strength and beauty for many years of use and enjoyment. The elegant woods used in making these custom and handcrafted cabinets include oak, walnut and cherry. These woods are carefully dried and seasoned before use.

They are also polished by hand to enhance their elegant and earthy shades of colour. The wood finishes used by artisans are water-based mixtures of different types of natural clay. The cabinets are completed only after they are given ten lush layers of polish and a final coating of wax. For some designs, earth tones and natural colours in paints and varnishes are applied to complete each cabinet.

• Excellent Organisation.
Italian-style cabinetry designs provide the ultimate-quality organisation for your kitchen storage needs. Even slender cabinet designs have plenty of interior space for storing your kitchenware, equipment, utensils and accessories. They also offer space for stowing your dried ingredients, spices and packaged foods along with dinnerware, flatware or serving platters and dishes.

Your cabinets can be custom-designed to include shelves of different heights to accommodate different sizes and shapes of packaged foods, equipment and table service. Every square inch can be put to good use, and these handsome solid-wood designs will last for many years to come.

When you contact our experts at Made in Italy Kitchens based in Melbourne, you will receive excellent advice concerning handcrafted and custom-designed Italian cabinets for your kitchen. Our respected company is one of the leading kitchen designers throughout the Melbourne area and beyond.

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