Elevate Your Living Space and Increase Resale Value with Exquisite Italian Kitchen Designs

Italian style luxury kitchens are highly functional while displaying the ultimate fashionable elements of design and decor. In these kitchen interiors, traditional- classic or contemporary-chic may be the predominant mode of style, with touches of other decor types as well.

Since Italian-style kitchens include the beautiful colours, textures and patterns of natural materials, they are especially appealing and inviting. As well as offering inherently elegant interiors for creating fabulous light foods and meals, these stylish kitchens are warm, welcoming gathering places for every household.

How a Luxurious Italian Kitchen Design Can Add More Value to Your Home

A highly attractive, luxurious Italian-style kitchen can add impressive aesthetic and market value to your home in the following ways:

• Beautiful Natural-Wood Floors and Cabinets. The style and luxury of glowing natural- wood floors and cabinetry are frequently displayed in Italian kitchen designs. The lovely grains and gentle hues of the wood are celebrated by their natural finishes.

Adding warmth and charm to enhance the welcoming interior, these richly grained floors and cabinets complement and accent the room’s skillfully combined ambiance of usefulness and enchantment.

• Stunning Marble and Granite Countertops. The sheer elegance of lustrous marble or granite countertops and benchtops is a major feature of many Italian-style kitchens. The kitchen island countertop often matches the lovely marble or granite benchtop.

In addition, identical or contrasting natural stone wall panels add to the room’s overall atmosphere of busy activity and relaxing luxury.

• Hanging Baskets of Fruits and Vegetables. Both decorative and practical, lavish displays of ripe, colourful fruits and vegetables in large hanging woven baskets are pure, natural elements of decor. They also bring a mixture of refreshing natural aromas to accent the earthy atmosphere of this captivating example of Italian kitchen decor.

• Tall Windows and Glass Doors to the Garden. Many highly pleasing kitchen designs with stylish, elegant decor made in Italy include tall pane windows and glass doors leading outside to the garden. The marvelous fresh air from these open windows and doors in good weather can inspire even the weariest home chef to create a delicious, enticing meal.

• Wooden Shelves Lined with Plants and Colourful Pottery. Open wall shelves of natural wood display colourful clusters of green plants, flowers and pottery. The uplifting natural essence of their presence brightens and enlivens the entire room.

• Vintage Skylight. In the ceiling, an elegant vintage skylight with its smokey leaded-glass dome adds timeless charm to the overall room decor. Traces of daylight filter through the clouded glass, lending soft overhead lighting to this bright, inspiring Italian-style kitchen. You can also benefit from better kitchen ventilation by opening this attractive vintage window to the sky.

When you consult our experts at Made in Italy Kitchens, you will receive excellent advice concerning how an Italian style luxury kitchen can add aesthetic and market value to your home. As one of the premier kitchen design groups in Melbourne, our team will guide you in selecting the ideal elegant, natural and stunning elements of decor to create a fabulous new and valuable kitchen interior.