Explore Creative Ways to Combine Kitchen Finishes and Enhance Your Design

When combining finishes in the kitchen it’s necessary to have plenty of options. For Oltre, one model from LUBE range, a vast array of finishes have been selected to compliment each other. Whether choosing diffent finishes in the same colour or contrasting colours and textures, the effect can enhance the kitchen and enable effortless integration with the surrounding areas.  Perfect for open plan kitchen, living and dining areas, the result is a timeliness combination of appealing colours and textures – just as you would see in nature.

Choose from a palette of veneer, mortar, metal, gloss, matt, glass and laquer, and more – each with numerous colour options.  The effect of different opening systems allows for further variance in style.  The options within the handless styles and finger rail colours can be used to further compliment or enhance.

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