Enhance Your Home Kitchen with Made in Italy Kitchens’ Dynamic Splashback

The kitchen tends to get messy sometimes, especially if families must prepare numerous meals for special occasions or celebrations. Fortunately, these areas are comprised of elements that can help in alleviating or preventing the effects of stains, spills, and other residues of food preparation activities.

One element that can certainly help kitchen areas retain their overall appeal, functionality, and value is splashback. A splashback is a dedicated kitchen element that can be normally found and installed on the walls. Its overall composition intends to protect the kitchen walls from splashes, heat, and other potentially damaging elements in the kitchen. Without a splashback, the kitchen walls may be bombarded with issues and damages that can be costly to repair and maintain.

A lot of splashback options are available in the market right now. But, here at Made in Italy Kitchens, we have come up with a new splashback design that can be beneficial for homeowners like you. Our very own Dynamic Splashback offers the following features that can be perfect for your home kitchen.

Innovative Magnetism

Conventional splashbacks are designed to protect the walls from splashes, heat, and other damaging elements. While they can help in retaining the condition of the kitchen walls, they do not offer additional functions that can make the kitchen areas more innovative. Opting for our Dynamic Splashback, alternatively, grants you the opportunity to make your kitchen more active and versatile. Thanks to the integrated strong magnets on the back of the Dynamic Splashback, you can conveniently move kitchen accessories like knife holders, spice holders, or even tablet holders anywhere.

Long-Lasting Surface

Splashbacks can be made from tiles, mosaic, stainless steel, and even timber. These materials have been utilised for a long time since they can readily withstand the elements in the kitchen areas. At the same time, they can offer kitchen areas improvements over their appearance. Even though our Dynamic Splashback does not rely on these materials, we have thoroughly explored the best materials that can make magnets work without compromising durability and appeal. Three materials that our offering comes in are glass, porcelain, and Dekton. These materials are strong, modern looking, and long-lasting.

Efficient LED Lighting

In most cases, homeowners would often integrate lighting on the corners of their splashbacks, ensuring that the areas will be illuminated properly. Doing this, however, equates to spending more money. Our Dynamic Splashback, on the other hand, can already feature LED lighting attached to its back part. The integration of LED lighting to the splashback gives you absolute control over its brightness. And depending on your chosen material colour, the lighting can ensure that your kitchen area will be illuminated beautifully during food preparation and cooking activities.

Our patented Dynamic Splashback gives your kitchen a chance of becoming more flexible and more modern. To know more about our offering, feel free to call us at Made in Italy Kitchens.