Discover Exquisite Italian Kitchen Brands for a Sophisticated and Elegant Home Design

Cucine Lube is the leading Italian kitchen manufacturer today, creating 350 luxurious kitchen styles daily from their advanced solar-powered factory. Located in the Marche region, this factory exports kitchen designs to 96 different countries around the globe. Known for their excellent quality and fine luxurious designs, all collections within the Cucine Lube brand are produced to meet the highest standards of expert craftsmanship.

Fashionable Collections Within the Cucine Lube Designs

The most fashionable collections within the Cucine Lube designs that are currently in high demand include the following:

Modern Kitchen Collections

• Adele Project. This kitchen design displays the beauty and charm of natural materials. Lustrous natural woods combine with a wide array of lacquered colours, resembling natural settings of trees, plants and blooming flowers.

• Creativa. Smooth, pleasing geometric lines and shapes combine to create this unique kitchen design. This type of kitchen interior design is best for homeowners who desire to display their unique style preferences. The Creative design combines materials, shapes, lines, textures and colours in a unique, artistic style.

• Noemi. The innovative Noemi kitchen design combines the ultimate functional kitchen necessities with elegant aesthetics and stunning colouration. This unique kitchen design is founded on the updated concept of a kitchen as the ideal environment for producing new creative formulas and solutions. The individual’s total freedom in aesthetic choices includes colour, composition and furnishings.

Classic Kitchen Collections

• Agnese. This soothing and inviting kitchen interior design features fresh aromatic flowering plants, herbs, fruits and spices. It creates the perfect atmosphere for gathering with family, friends and neighbours to share relaxed conversation over cool or hot drinks, depending on the season. The multiple romantic qualities of artfully crafted wood furnishings bring the beauty and allure of nature indoors for a truly enchanting kitchen environment.

• Pantheon. Kitchens in this design mode display an abundance of passion mixed with a touch of sentimentality. The Pantheon design emphasises superb aesthetics and ultimate quality in materials, structure and decor. Spatial compositions are creative and unique, and special features along with intricate details produce individualised kitchen interiors.

• Veronica. This design mode combines genuine formal fashion with superior craftsmanship and current technology. Excellent quality of concept, design, structure and finishing produces the ultimate calibre of style and a timeless kitchen interior.

BorgoAntico Kitchen Collections

• Provenza. This refreshing kitchen design is the ideal mix of traditional and contemporary styles. The entire interior is warm and friendly due to the stunning natural wood grains, elegant engravings and antique details. The highly attractive effect is the stylish revival of a vintage environment with captivating updated design elements and accents.

• Elena. This kitchen design has walls of solid ash and faux plaster and resembles the large, open rustic country kitchen interiors of past eras. The cabinet fronts and doors are made of thick timber with prominent vertical slats. Cabinet door handles are hollowed out of the frame, and the antique wood finish enhances the wood grain. Cabinets typically feature glass door insets with vintage-style glazing bars.

• Luisa. This traditional solid ash kitchen design exhibits stunning cabinet fronts with 45-degree bevelled frames plus central panels displaying horizontal slats. Seasonal colours are featured. While antique walnut brown hues symbolise autumn, vintage white suggests wintry snow scenes. Plastered surfaces and clay pottery evoke the earthiness of fresh springtime scents. Expert handcrafting makes the Luisa design the perfect kitchen interior for homeowners who treasure authentic traditional stylistic modes.

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