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Based in Melbourne since 2012, Made in Italy is the exclusive distributor for CucineLube, the number one manufacturer in Italy with 350 High Quality kitchens produced every day in their solar-powered factory in the Marche region and exported to 96 Countries world-wide.

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The products we distribute are manufactured in an environment renowned for its high standards and expertise in craftsmanship, technology & quality. Not only kitchens, but every residential joinery including living, laundries, vanities and wardrobes, all manufactured by the leading edge of design and technology.

Year 1956 - Luciano Sileoni and Benito Raponi


The products we distribute are manufactured in an environment renowned for its high standards and expertise in craftsmanship, manufacture & export. The Marche region of Italy, is an area with an evolved manufacturing industry where artisan skills are passed down through the generations and integrated with modern techniques. This enterprise is a staple of the economic system here, so well regarded that in fact it has been studied in universities worldwide due to its capacity for delivering industrial growth in harmony with the social framework.

Cost-effective Quality

Manufacturing in production facilities which house advanced technologies to enable efficient production processes, allows scale economies to be passed on to CucineLube customers. That is how we can offer a superior quality with a competitive price and solutions for every requirement.

On the left picture, year 1956, the founder of CucineLube at work in Treia (MC-Italy)

Respect for the Environment

All our products are manufactured in adherence to the world’s highest environmental standards. CucineLube is renowned for its solar powered production facilities, their use of recycled materials and commitment to the Super E Zero / JIS four-star emissions ratings. CucineLube is the first Kitchen manufacturer in Italy to be awarded with the GREENGUARD Gold Certification for V.O.C. emissions and also offers option for 100% recyclable finishes. Production processes, material and transport (we overcompensate the emissions related to shipment by planting new trees) are testimony to the high level of respect and consciousness we and our brands have for the environment.

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Range & Versatility

The diverse range of finishes in Veneer, Lacquer, Cement & Mortar, CPL and DPL Laminate, Fenix NTM, Glass, Acrylic, Acrylic Glass, Porcelain, Polymeric, PET resin, Aluminium & Solid Wood are coupled with superior quality carcasses (produced to high European standards), and equipped with BLUM hinging and accessories. 

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The living systems (storage/media/entertainment units) are designed to enable aesthetic continuity and functionality throughout the home.  For each different style of kitchen there are matching units for media/storage for the living area.   

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We can also provide you with various options for benchtops, from Stone through to Fenix NTM, Dekton, Porcelain, Stainless Steel and Glass, all of the highest quality to complement your choice of finishes. 

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Bookshelves & entertainment unit

Complimentary Design Service

At Made In Italy, we connect our customers with these leading products via a complimentary, interactive and specialised design service tailored to their needs and with careful consideration of each element, including quality, affordability, ergonomics & aesthetics.

Whether it’s a kitchen renovation or the complete joinery for a new house, we can offer a vast range of high quality solutions for kitchen, pantry, laundry, living, robes, and more .

Designs are prepared with a collaborative approach, which involves both the designer and the client in order to create a unique and personalised solution and achieve the optimum result.

We strive to accommodate the unique requirements of all our customers, to provide the ultimate kitchen living experience and to enhance the home now and for years to come.


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Manufacturing Support for Design Professionals

For Interior Designers/Architects who utilise our service, they are able to offer their clients unique finishes and products manufactured to the highest standards while still retaining control over the project. Often off-shore production can lead to issues with ill-fitting joinery so we ensure all measurements and variables are taken into account for problem-free installation.

We pride ourselves on being accessible and available and encourage the designers who work with us to involve their clients as much or as little as they want during the process.

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