Whether it’s a piece of clothing or a pair of beautiful leather shoes, when you see a label or stamp that says “Made in Italy” you know you’re buying quality.  Also known to many for food, wine and Ferraris, most of the country’s exports are actually in technology and industrial machinery.  Combine this reputation as leaders in design and manufacture with some Italian style and flair and you have a beautiful marriage of form and function that we believe deserves a place in every home.

The importance of the kitchen in bringing together family and friends and a place to entertain is what pushed us to create Made in Italy, giving everyone the ability to have beautiful finishes and superior quality at a fair price.  The belief that if something is European it must expensive is merely a myth.  Based in Melbourne we distribute products from Cucine Lube the largest manufacturer in Italy, and with their efficient production and streamlined processes we are able to offer superior quality at competitive pricing.  While there is a slightly longer lead time for Italian manufacture and import, we believe it is very much a case of “good things come to those who wait” and most importantly for you, our customer, there is no compromise in craftsmanship.

Made in Italy also provide a complimentary design service and we either work directly with you or in tandem with interior designers and architects to build the kitchen to their exact specifications.  All we need are the drawings and plans and we do the rest, liaising with our team in Italy to make sure when the kitchen is installed, it fits to the millimetre.

Whether you prefer classic styles or current trends, the options and combinations are endless, but most importantly everything is built to last a lifetime.  The kitchen may very well be the heart of the home, but we bring the soul. This is Made in Italy, a combination of function and beauty through design.


Unique Product & Service, High Level of Engagement & Empathy

It was not just the product that made me choose Made In Italy Kitchens, it was the service as well. The product itself was unique – the others were all the same. I was able to get something that was different, like the Mortar finishing. The most valuable thing was working with the team, developing a sense of trust which enabled me to have the confidence to create something I wanted, even though I’m not a designer myself. They were always open and happy to discuss things and helped me find the solution I wanted. It was the great level of engagement and empathy, that’s why I preferred them to everyone else.

Betty, Hampton

Beautiful kitchens

The kitchens are beautiful here & so much choice. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in every way. I would highly recommend.


Very knowledgeable, experienced and easy to deal with

Project involved a new kitchen & laundry. Dealing with this company was great, very professional, top quality product, excellent installation. A lot of time (7 weeks) was spent on the design with very well documented drawings. The owner & designer are very knowledgeable, experienced and easy to deal and work with. We would highly recommend this company.


What a team!!!

What a team!!! These guys think of everything and more. After they seen the plans for my project, they suggested improvements to the existing design and boy were they right. I couldn’t be happier. The really are a one stop shop when it comes to kitchens. Oh yeah, and I was able to get a really cool shelving system in the living area in the same finishing which polishishes off the whole look. Looks great and a place for everything and everything in its place, so my mum says. Thanks guys.