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Want to install a stylish Italian modular kitchen to increase the value of your home? Searching for kitchen makers who can bring your vision to life? The leading kitchen suppliers at Made in Italy can deliver the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, with modern kitchen furniture and cabinetry that’s 100% made in Italy. Whether you’re renovating an existing kitchen or building a new one from scratch, we can provide you with a kitchen that ticks all the boxes in terms of style, function, quality and durability. Discuss your preferences with our team today.

What “Made In Italy” Stands For

Whether it’s a piece of clothing or a pair of beautiful leather shoes, when you see a label or stamp that says “Made in Italy”, you know you’re buying quality. Also known to many for food, wine and Ferraris, most of the country’s exports are actually in technology and industrial machinery. Combine this reputation as leaders in design and manufacture with some Italian style and flair and you have a beautiful marriage of form and function that we believe deserves a place in every home.

The importance of the kitchen in bringing together family and friends and being a place to entertain is what pushed us to create Made in Italy, giving everyone the ability to have beautiful Italian style kitchen finishes and superior quality at a fair price.

Based in Melbourne, we distribute products from Cucine Lube − one of the largest Italian kitchen manufacturers. With their efficient production and streamlined processes, we are able to offer superior quality and durability at competitive pricing. While there is a slightly longer lead time for Italian manufacture and import (approximately 12 weeks), we believe it is very much a case of “good things come to those who wait”. Most importantly for our customers, this wait means there is no compromise in craftsmanship.

Italian Style Kitchens Tailored to Your Preferences

As leading Italian kitchen makers, our kitchen range provides you with a large choice of styles, materials, finishes, colours and solutions across splashbacks, benchtops, cabinets and doors, shelving and more. Every Italian kitchen in Melbourne we supply is additionally installed by highly qualified kitchen designers who prioritise style, function and ergonomics.

Made in Italy also provides a complimentary design service, working either directly with you or in tandem with interior designers and architects to build your kitchen to exact specifications. All we need are the drawings and plans and we do the rest, liaising with our team in Italy to make sure your Italian style kitchen fits to the millimetre when installed. We also keep in touch throughout the process, providing assistance with any technical questions, additions and replacement of any damaged part.

Add Soul to Your Kitchen Today

Whether you prefer classic styles or current trends, the options and combinations are endless, but most importantly everything is built to last a lifetime. The kitchen may very well be the heart of the home, but we bring the soul. This is Made in Italy, a combination of function and beauty through design. For Italian kitchens in Melbourne of the highest standard, discuss your needs with our team today. Call us on (03) 9042 2815, email or submit an enquiry through our online contact form.


Can’t recommend highly enough

We were assisted by a professional design consultant to configure our Made in Italy kitchen as part of the purchase price. A craftsman installed it and he had a wonderful eye for detail. We could not be happier with the end product. Our kitchen is truly high end European design and manufacture, and you can feel the quality each time you open a cupboard door or slide open the vertical pantries or indeed, use any feature in the kitchen. The vinyl-wrap finish is incredibly durable and easy to clean and the self-closing drawers & cupboards are a delight whilst hands are busy cooking. I could wax lyrical about our kitchen for paragraphs, so let me also say that we found the Managing Director of the company incredibly personable, approachable, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the process. It was most reassuring to know that as customers, we were known to him and that he too, took an interest in progress and our satisfaction. Can’t recommend this company highly enough if you’re looking for a quality kitchen for your own home.


Looks Great

It has been about 3 years now and still I am delighted with the quality of this product which still looks as good as it did the day it was installed. Made In Italy provided me with excellent service with the exciting design consultation offering suggestions and ideas I had never imagined. The kitchen and living system storage areas work beautifully together as they not only look fabulous, blending well together, but help me to keep my life efficient and organised. The various details in the kitchen such as the pull out pantry and drawer inserts work extremely well, and the soft closing doors are ever appreciated. I will always be grateful to the design team for the suggestions they provided regarding the placement of appliances, as now having worked in the kitchen for so long I know for sure it makes all the difference to have things in the right place relative to each other. I never knew what I was missing before – I enjoy cooking so much more now. I would really recommend these guys – they can give you everything you want, and more!


Integrated Beautifully into my living space

It has now been just over a year since my Cucine Lube kitchen was completed and had the time to use and appreciate what I have been most fortunate to gain. Made in Italy Kitchens worked with me patiently in the critical design stage and my many changes of thought. We finally achieved an outcome that is amazingly efficient, easy to use, and moderate in size, as needed in a one bedroom apartment yet the feel and effectiveness of a much larger kitchen. Every inch works. They also helped me integrate it beautifully into my adjacent living space and an almost hidden home office area. The quality of the cabinets and importantly the fittings is first class and everything operates flawlessly.