New Build Italian Kitchens Parkdale

Elevate your home with exquisite Italian craftsmanship.

Contrasting the darkness of the ultra matt black Fenix with the white finger-proof cabinets was a success in this kitchen. The aluminium finger rail, with especial effect of titanium, breaks smoothly between both colours and allows the design not to have any handles, making it very current with the latest trends in Kitchen design.

The LED lighted and magnetic splashback it’s an incredible feature that not only compliments the lighting of the space, but also works as an extension of the bench. The variety of accessories it’s playful and enjoyable to the spectator.

The space allowed for the kitchen was not big so a lot of considerations were taken in count to make it as functional as it is beautiful. Extra cabinets are displayed in the front for more storage, but are balanced with a seating area that serves as a breakfast bar. Full-extraction drawers were used for better visibility and reach at the time of cooking; plus a bin pull-out and internal accessories makes the kitchen a more easy-to-use place. The lower kicker, a new contemporary style, allows the cabinets to be larger than usual and the storage space grows with it.

Parkdale – Unit 1

Parkdale – Unit 2