Design Your Dream Kitchen with Timeless Charm and Functional Elegance

Traditional kitchens continue to be among the most popular, despite the growth in popularity of modern and farmhouse kitchen designs. The grandiose design plan and simple colour palette they use to build the space make it seem stunning and ensure that it will continue to be on trend for a long time. The attention to detail in traditionally designed kitchens is one of their defining characteristics. Each section of the space should have decorations and details that appear layered but are not overwhelming.

The following are some fundamental characteristics of kitchens designed in the classic style that might assist you in incorporating these layouts into your dream kitchen renovation project.

Colour Scheme in Neutrals

Conventional kitchens, on the other hand, are all about adhering to a traditional colour palette. This is in contrast to the contemporary and modern kitchen designs, which emphasise crisp, cold hues that emphasise materials and offer a flash of edgy flair to the room. Imagine rich cherry and light beige as examples of warm and cool neutrals, respectively.

Cabinets With A Vintage Look Or Raised Panels

When it comes to cabinetry design, modern kitchen styles emphasise simplicity, whereas traditional designs prioritise the inclusion of cabinets with an ornate style. Forgo the standard shaker or plain type cabinet in favour of a vintage raised panel or classic raised panel style cabinet door, such as the one seen in this kitchen with a driftwood finish.

Straightforward Backsplash

In recent years, homeowners have been opting more frequently for backsplashes that are vibrantly coloured, highly patterned, and made of interesting materials. However, a complex backsplash may make a classic kitchen appear overpowering and make the area more difficult to work in. Because you already have a lot going on in decorative items, you should keep the backsplash straightforward in terms of colour, design, and materials. For an uncomplicated yet practical background devoid of grout, consider installing a backsplash made of solid surface Corian in Sandalwood or Glacier White and designing it with a diamond or subway pattern.

Countertops of the Highest Quality

In a kitchen with a typical layout, the countertops are where the majority of the colour and visual interest may be found. Choose a luxury countertop material for your kitchens, such as granite or quartz. You might go with a style that features a lot of movement in the pattern or (even better) selects a countertop material that imitates marble, such as the traditional Cambria Britannica quartz seen in the kitchen below.

Finer Details and Additional Accessories

The careful attention to detail and extensive use of ornamental accessories are the defining characteristics of a kitchen designed in a classic style. We’re talking about installing wainscoting on the island, crown mouldings, corbels, and furniture-like pieces with decorations in every section of the space. When you walk into a traditional kitchen, you should be able to find some embellishment, architectural design, or elements that have been improved with ornamental embellishments wherever you look.

Cabinetry with Antique Finishes or Glazed Surfaces

Cabinets in classic kitchens typically have glazes or antique finishes rather than finishes that are more natural looking. This is done to maintain the kitchen’s predominantly neutral colour palette. Cordovan stain on cherry cabinets with a sable glaze or antique white cabinets with a walnut glaze are two popular choices for this area’s cabinetry.

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