Create a Modern and Stylish Kitchen with Contemporary Design Elements

Contemporary kitchen design for your Melbourne kitchen renovations features clean geometric and angular lines. These major design elements rise and fall in popularity during various seasons of the year. Yet they never really disappear from the wide spectrum of fashionable and functional design and decor for the kitchen.

The major look in today’s interior design and decor for the kitchen is clean-cut, uncluttered and basic. Everything has its definite place, and no one element is allowed to outshine the others. Functionality is of utmost importance in updated kitchen interiors. In busy Melbourne households, no one has time to waste, and home chefs need a well-designed and organized kitchen and pantry to avoid cooking slowdowns and confusion.

Important Design Features of Contemporary Melbourne Kitchens

Some of the most prominent and popular design features for contemporary Melbourne kitchens include the following:

• Appliances Built into Cabinets. To prevent them from appearing detached from the overall room’s style of decor, major appliances are now being built into kitchen cabinets. This can also free up valuable kitchen floor space and make the room seem more open and spacious.

• Frosted Glass Door Panels. Stylish frosted glass panels decorate and enhance cabinet doors and entrance doors to the room. In kitchens that get direct sunlight during the brightest hours of the day, this glass softens the sunbeams. It creates a soft glow of natural light rather than the irritating glare that the bright sun can cause.

• Laminate Surfaces.
Smooth laminate countertops and shelving in pristine white or bright colours reflect light, opening up your kitchen space visually. These surfaces keep your kitchen looking clean and bright, and they are easy to clean and maintain. Laminate does not crack, scar or stain easily, and it will last for long-term use if well cared for.

• Stylistic Curves. Attractive curves in countertops and cabinetry can prevent your kitchen from looking boxy or too angular in design. Curvilinear surfaces can also create the look and feel of a more open, continuous space. When you install curved countertops and cabinets with rounded edges, you create a cohesive design that is very pleasing to the eye and sensibilities.

• Mobile Cabinetry. When you install kitchen cabinets that swing forward when you need to access them and back against the wall when not in use, you will enjoy the space-saving benefit. Your kitchen will seem larger and more usable, preventing that uncomfortably crowded effect that can make it difficult to operate smoothly in your kitchen.

When you consult our experts at Made in Italy Kitchens located in South Melbourne, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice and plans for updating your kitchen with contemporary design elements. Our experienced professionals will ensure that your new kitchen design and decor completely satisfy and even surpass all of your desires, expectations and needs.