The Lube Group continues to innovate presenting at Eurocucina 2018 a range of innovations for its Cucine LUBE and CREO Kitchens brands designed to meet the needs of modern living.

Recently celebrating 50 years, LUBE presented the story of the company’s dream that has now become a wonderful reality, offering an extraordinary sensorial journey demonstrating the great quality of the models on display. Specialisation was the main theme of the exhibition space, in line with the strategy of the company which aims to place the brand in first place with the consumer. To complete the experience, the virtual room returned where HTC Vive technology made it possible to move within a real three-dimensional kitchen.

The result of over 50 years of success and constant evolution has seen a growth rate of over 30% in the last three years, a 2017 turnover of over A$267m and production of over 300 kitchens per day – a result which has surpassed all its competitors. It is the result of a goal that has placed LUBE first and is now the starting point for future challenges.

The Brands

All the brands of the Lube Group are an excellence of Made in Italy, representing a guarantee of quality, where innovative design meets the evolving needs of modern living.

Cucine LUBE provides the ultimate in unique design innovations and offers a number of new creations seeking to revolutionise the kitchen space.

CREO Kitchens gives life to a wide range of finishes and trendy colors, where functionality and practicality meet simplicity and elegance. With it’s fresh, young image, Creo Kitchens expresses all the quality of the Lube Group but at a most convenient price, providing an unbeatable relationship between cost and quality.

New Distribution Format

“Innovation and not simply product news” is the message with which the Lube Group conveys the strength of its new distribution format, which aims to invert the paradigm of the sales system in the furniture sector. It is no longer enough to be present on the market with new kitchen models, it is necessary to enrich the offer with pre and post sales services that will become increasingly decisive in defining the value proposition.

This is the real innovation in which the company intends to aim: while many operators in the sector pursue the evolution of e-commerce, which in fact takes away the “personal aspect” from the sale, LUBE relaunches the centrality of the store: the privileged place where to experience the emotion of “touching the product”. The store, conceived according to the new company philosophy, becomes the real cornerstone of the sales system, a synthesis of the innovative project with which the Lube Group aims to involve the final consumer.

In 2017 more than 50 stores were opened, mostly with the LUBE brand but recently more and more with Creo. The latest market research confirms that Creo Kitchens has already established itself, just a few years after its creation, as one of the most managed brands, with a clear recognition and a quality-price ratio which imposes itself as an attractive alternative to large retailers.

Company Values

The ultimate goal of the company’s strategy is to bring directly to the consumer not only the image but also the values and way of operating of the parent company, to convey the true essence of “Being Lube” which has made the company a leader in the kitchen renovation sector. It is with this international value the company takes the challenge to transfer the distinctive features of the Lube world to all over the world.

This is the message launched all over the world in this edition of LUBE:

Bring home the best of Italy.