Enhance Your Cooking Experience with a Well-Designed Kitchen

Having a specialist kitchen designer design your kitchen produces benefits – not just during the process of choosing your kitchen, but for many years to come.  A designer will guide you through the process and ensure all aspects are considered and help you make the right choice for each element of your project.

 1. Functionality & Ergonomics

Your specialist knows the movements we take in the kitchen and the importance of incorporating ergonomics into the design so your kitchen will be as functional and as easy to operate in as possible.  Placement of each element relative to each other should be considered carefully to maximise productivity, efficiency, comfort and the pleasure resulting from working in your kitchen.

2. Style and Aesthetics

There’s no right answer when it comes to which style or look is best. Your designer is aware of the latest design trends and can help you with the options available to guide you through the process to achieve your desired result. Even for the popular classic white style, there are many options. For example in finishing alone there are choices to be made such as matt or glossy , textured or smooth and warm or cold shades. With the aid of samples you can experience the look, touch & feel of each while the various features are explained to simplify and streamline the process.

3. Budget

The price range of each different kitchen element can be substantial.  Changes in finishing alone can affect the cost of a kitchen considerably.  If there’s a certain look or finishing type you’re after which is out of budget, your designer can assist to help you find a similar option within budget.  So too with each kitchen element – your designer is acutely aware of the cost of each element making up your design and your priorities – it may be that some open units are the perfect trade off for that pull out pantry!

4. Maximising Space

Optimising certain areas of the kitchen with some clever storage options not only means you get the most out the space available, but everything is accessible and at your fingertips when you need it.  From the types of drawers, overhead opening styles, pantry styles (just to name a few), the right choice for your space increases efficiency.  A specialist kitchen renovator or designer will help to ensure you have the right elements in the right places, making a huge difference in the long run.