Expert Advice to Create Your Dream Culinary Space

Italian kitchen designs are always warm and welcoming. They contain beautiful natural elements of design and decor that make food preparations and cooking a major and enjoyable part of each day.

Italian-style kitchens are also created to be appealing and inviting gathering places for the family, friends and neighbours. They provide the ideal relaxing socialising atmosphere for sharing lively conversation, light foods and beverages while delicious meals are being prepared.

Useful Tips and Insights for Choosing an Italian-Style Home Kitchen Design

Helpful tips and insights for selecting a relaxing, fashionable and functional Italian-style design for your home kitchen include the following:

• Plenty of Food-Prepping Space. Your Italian kitchen design should include plenty of space for food preparation. You need to include spacious, conveniently placed counter space for chopping, slicing, cutting and dicing vegetables, cheeses, meats, fruits and other foods for creating flavourful, healthy recipes. Many Italian-style kitchens also include a large island, often constructed of beautifully grained natural wood and lightly polished.

• Stunning and Durable Marble Benchtop. Your new Italian kitchen design should have a stunning and long-lasting marble benchtop and countertops. Marble tile flooring or wall tiling is also characteristic of many traditional Italian kitchen interiors. It is true that marble surfaces are porous and can absorb spilled foods and beverages. Yet if the marble slabs for your counters and benchtop are sealed, you can avoid surface stains from dark foods and liquids.

• Wood Cabinets and Woven Baskets. Natural wooden cabinetry and natural-fiber woven baskets are common features in Italian kitchens. Wall-mounted cabinets and freestanding cupboards made of beautifully-grained natural timber can brighten and enliven your cooking environment.

Cabinets often have glass-pane doors that display the sparkling glassware, earth-toned pottery and colourful dinnerware stored inside. Woven baskets that are often suspended from the ceiling and walls contain fresh fruits and vegetables, adding natural colour and character to the interior decor.

• Plenty of Natural Light. Authentic Italian-style kitchens have an abundance of natural lighting. They typically have large windows, and they often include glass-pane doors leading to an outdoor terrace or garden. Many of these convenient gardens contain fresh-growing vegetables, fruits and herbs to be used in daily meal preparation. These beautiful kitchen interiors also frequently include skylights that provide additional warm, vitalising light from above to brighten the cooking environment even more.

• Abundant Plant Life. Most Italian kitchen designs include plenty of natural plant life. Climbing green vines and flowering plants often line wall-mounted shelving and windowsills. These shelves may include indoor herb gardens as well, making the inclusion of herbs in cooking simple and easy. These plants also offer an atmosphere of healthy, vibrant life to any kitchen that displays authentic Italian design and decor.

When you consult our experts at Made in Italy Kitchens based in Melbourne, you will receive excellent information, tips and useful insights concerning an Italian kitchen design for your home. Our experienced professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal interior design and decor to create a highly fashionable, functional, warm and inviting home kitchen in beautiful authentic Italian style.