Enhance Your Kitchen with Style, Functionality, and Practicality

The first modern kitchen splashback designs were rather plain sections of wall tiling around food prepping and cooking areas. They often were placed behind sinks as well, protecting walls from splashed water and colourful food juices or beverages. They also safeguarded walls around cooktops from high heat and steam.

Today, splashbacks may be formed from classic porcelain and ceramic tiling or chic contemporary block metals. Regardless of their materials, textures and hues, these protective backgrounds for kitchen walls are now highly fashionable and functional. In our current high-style kitchen decor, unique and innovative splashbacks lend colour, emphasis, depth and overall enhancement to kitchen interiors.

Unique and Innovative Qualities of the Dynamic Kitchen Splashback

Individual and creative features and qualities of the dynamic kitchen splashback today are plentiful and compelling. The most unique and stylish of these fashionable designs include the following:

• Mixed Tiling Styles. By using a combination of different tiling materials and sizes, you can create a unique splashback design for your kitchen. Square or rectangular porcelain, ceramic or quartz tiles surrounded by or interspersed with miniature mosaics can be stunning. Grey or terracotta-toned tiling accented by tiny mosaics with bright sparks of colour lends style and character to any kitchen interior.

• Colourful Glass Tiles. Beautiful, reflective hues in coloured glass tiles make a dramatic and highly appealing kitchen splashback. Whether they are single or multi-coloured tiles, this dynamic display above your benchtop adds contemporary glamour to your kitchen decor. When sparkling shades in your splashback align with colourful accents in the room design, your cooking environment becomes warm and vibrant.

• Elegant Marble or Granite Tiles. Splashbacks made of marble or granite tiles add charm and elegance to your kitchen. The myriad surface patterns and varied colouration of these natural stones offer countless choices for creating your splashback. These fashionable stones are equally at home in a traditional or contemporary kitchen setting. Both marble and granite give kitchens a dynamic yet graceful and ageless ambience.

• Bright Metallic Panels. Decorative metallic panels can also be used to create unique and dramatic kitchen splashbacks. Hammered or raised patterns in these panels add pleasing artistic touches to your food prepping and cooking spaces. Stainless steel panels complement and enhance another room decor in industrial-style kitchens. These metal surfaces reflect light throughout the room for a brighter, more inviting interior.

Why You Should Select a Dynamic Kitchen Splashback

There are important reasons for choosing dynamic kitchen splashback materials and styles for your kitchen interior. One major reason is the amount of time that you spend in your kitchen. The home chef (or chefs) in your household are most likely in the kitchen frequently, preparing snacks, beverages and meals.

In addition, your entire household along with family and friends probably gravitates to your kitchen. As the centre of your home, your kitchen is a natural, friendly and appealing place to visit while foods are prepared. Everyone likes to gather there over delicious snacks and drinks to relax and chat while party foods or meals are being prepared.

When you select a dynamic kitchen splashback design with eye-catching colours, textures and materials, you create a warm, welcoming and vitalizing environment. Everyone in your home will feel uplifted and energised when they enter the kitchen. You will also enjoy food preparation and cooking much more when you are surrounded by attractive reflected light from your stylish new splashback.

When you consult our experts at Made in Italy Kitchens located in South Melbourne, Victoria, you will gain valuable kitchen splashback information and advice. Our experienced professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal materials, colours and textures for splashback tiling or panels. They will ensure that your new splashback completely satisfies and even surpasses all of your desires, expectations and needs.